We offer cyber protection products that fall into the categories of firewall, DLP, IDS, Data Diodes, and more, PLUS- additional unique capabilities including invisibility to attackers, keyless encryption (many cyber-attacks are done once the attackers get hold of the secret passwords), two-way SCADA, in-motion filtering, a separation between various networks’ classifications, prevention of zero-day attacks, as well as protection of the firewall itself.

For organizations that have a firewall, we suggest adding the BNS (Bit Net Sentry) appliances to guard the firewall itself as well as to enhance the level of cybersecurity, for more information browse to the Bit Net Sentry products category.

In addition, we offer a bundle of state-of-the-art Fortinet firewalls and our very own BNS appliance. In other words, we offer you a Shielded Firewall whose main advantage is securing the firewall itself from external hacking attempts as well as protecting it also in case the malware is already inside the LAN (Local Area Network) and through there is opening a backdoor at the firewall itself, enabling the hackers to access to your sensitive information and carry out blackmailing and ransomware attacks.

BitNetSentry (BNS)

BNS Shielded Firewall