You may have come across media reports detailing the tragic attack on Israeli citizens carried out by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Israel is currently in a state of war, and the duration of this conflict remains uncertain. The Israeli army has activated numerous reserve units, including some employees and their family members from E.S. Embedded Solutions 3000. Our primary concern is their safety, and we hope for a swift resolution to this crisis with minimal casualties.

Despite these challenging circumstances, E.S. Embedded Solutions 3000 remains committed to its operations and the provision of services to our Customers and Partners. We deeply appreciate the messages of support, thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement that many of you have shared with us. To our Israeli customers, partners, and vendors, we wish for the safety and well-being of you, your families, and employees. Our hearts go out to all those impacted by this situation. If there is any way we can assist you or your families, please do not hesitate to reach out. We welcome any questions or comments, and we are grateful for your ongoing support.

“You can’t hit a target you can’t see” Zig Ziglar

“White Box Cryptography”
           WBC secure tunneling

  • Gartner → by 2023, up to 60% of enterprises will move from VPNs to ZTNAs (Zero Trust Network Access)
  • In 2021 almost 40,000 VPN passwords of Fortinet users leaked out
  • WBC ZTNA Standard → Password-less & Key-less secure tunneling
  • ZTNA → endorsed by the U.S. Department of Defense


  • Cyber criminals can’t target nor access Invisible cybersecurity appliances
  • Invisible shield → no backdoors at Firewalls
  • IBM research → It takes 7 month to identify a breach

 Separation of networks in layer 2

  • Secure SCADA bi-directional communication
  • Next generation of Data-Diodes
  • Easy to deploy, to manage to install

E.S. approach to solving security risks

  • Ensure secured communication between two or more Industrial Bit Net Sentries (iBNS) using patented technology
  • Prevent any use of brute force decryption including future use of powerful CPUs or quantum computers

  • Enable bit-level network separation by installing iBNS in between critical infrastructure and control room rather undergoing expensive galvanic separation
  • Identify, filter, and control “critical” operational commands while allowing “non-critical” commands (as per pre-configuration requirements)
  • Maintain “whitelist” (permitted operational codes) and “blacklists” (unauthorized communication) to prevent any malicious and mistaken communication to critical infrastructure

  • Filter meaningful or suspicious content and context at the bit level within network
  • Filtered content and context include MAC address, IP address, ports, unique key words, and bit patterns e.g., credit card numbers, ID numbers etc


  • Prevent rogue insiders from hacking company system
  • “Insider” can be defined as IT admin with system passwords, regular employee with access to company data, consultants and 3rd parties with system-level authorizations
  • These “insiders” can go rogue and steal company info

*These are few examples (there are many more) in which E.S. cybersecurity is different:

I. E.S. BitNetSentry (BNS) appliance is seamless in the network, and there is neither a way to attack it nor to identify its existence anywhere. You can imagine how much benefits our customers get with it…
II. BNS ends the ‘nightmare’ of financial organizations’ management from being hacked by their own trusted insiders like system administrators and security protectors.
III. E.S. invented a brute force safe ‘encryption without encryption’ security method. It will shortly survive the quantum computing era.
IV. BNS reveals if messages get hacked somewhere in the cloud network, for instance, if a man-in-the-middle changes the original destination address, sender address or message content somewhere in the cloud.
V. Thanks to its bit level capabilities, the BNS enables SCADA bi-directional essential communication, including blocking legal-yet-malicious commands from harming PLCs and critical infrastructures.

E.S. team includes 47 of Israel’s top engineers, mathematicians, and algorithmic experts with vast experience of complex communication standards and protocols.

BitNetSentry (BNS) – A totally different approach to cybersecurity

What makes BNS different?

  • Invisible Bit-level network appliance
  • Patented ‘encryption without encryption’ abilities
  • Avionics and Mil-STD certifications

Why is it needed ?

  • Secures from insiders or MITM even in case they have all IT permissions
  • invisible traffic modification
  • Enables bi-directional secured SCADA networking
  • Secures against legal commands sent from legal sender but with malicious abnormal content

Who needs it?

  • Banks
  • Business Tycoons
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Casinos
  • Organizations
  • IoT
  • Medical
  • Defense
  • Avionics

How does it work?

E.S. clients include Israel’s leading defense and military companies, and its solutions have been deployed internationally for critical communication infrastructure across Europe, Africa, and Asia and across the financial, aviation, utilities, telecom, industrial, and security sectors.