Cyber Security Trends

Managing Cyber-risk is no longer optional

In today’s digital age, managing cyber-risk has become critical for individuals and organizations. Cyber attacks can lead to devastating consequences, including financial loss, legal liabilities, and damage to reputation. It is essential to invest in cybersecurity measures and have an incident response plan in place to quickly detect, respond to, and recover from a cyber attack. Taking proactive measures to protect against cyber attacks is no longer optional. Continue reading

Advancements in attacks drive cyber security technology modernization

Advancements in attacks are a driving force behind the modernization of cybersecurity technology. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated and employ advanced tactics to evade detection and gain unauthorized access, organizations must continually update their cybersecurity defenses to protect their networks, systems, and data. This is especially important as new technologies and business models create new… Continue reading

Regulations and Cyber risks drive OT Security Adoption and Zero Trust Network Access

Regulations and cyber risks are driving the adoption of Operational Technology (OT) security and the implementation of Zero Trust Network Access. This post will explore the regulatory landscape and cybersecurity risks facing industrial companies, and how they are responding by investing in OT security solutions and adopting a Zero Trust approach to network access. Discover how these measures can help protect critical infrastructure and sensitive information, and learn about the benefits of implementing a Zero Trust Network Access model for your organization. Continue reading

Firewalls Are Not Foolproof: Here’s Why They Need Protection

Learn about common vulnerabilities of firewalls and examples of vendor vulnerabilities in this post. Discover how configuration issues, outdated firmware, and human error can impact firewall security, and read about real-world examples of vendor vulnerabilities from SolarWinds and Cisco. Protect your network by understanding these vulnerabilities and taking steps to prevent them. Continue reading