Defense and Avionics

rBNS (Rugged BitNetSentry) is a certified system designed for the following applications

Flight Control Computer

  • Real-Time Mission Synchronization
  • Command and Control System
  • Real-Time Data Processing, Monitoring, and Recording
  • Bandwidth Management

Ground-airborne-shipborne data link

  • Unstable end-to-end connectivity between source and destination.
  • Limited bandwidth allowance per source and/or destination.
  • Strict prioritization requirements.
  • Hard real-time requirements.
  • Traffic and protocols restrictions because of special military network devices (gateways, encoders, firewalls, etc.)

Smart Gateway

  • Bandwidth Management
  • Detection of Network Events
  • Network Traffic Inspection
  • Network Traffic Redirection
  • Address Resolutions
  • Protocol Conversion
  • Special Signaling
  • Prioritization
  • Quality of Service

Multi-Channel Real-Time Recording System

  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Radar and Sonar signal capture and playback
  • Electronic Intelligence Recording Systems (SIGINT, COMINT)
  • Semiconductor quality inspection systems
  • Seismic data acquisition and physics research