Embedded Solutions 3000’s (E.S.) core technology includes development in kernel mode to support communication on its basics, e.g., on bit-level. Thanks to that, E.S. appliances are transparent in the network and operate real-time on the data-link layer with almost zero latency.

Consequently, the company holds out a different innovative approach of communication and security products.

With Embedded-Solutions BitNetSentry (BNS) patented technology, you are safe.

BNS Key Differentiators

Key BNS Differentiators Customer Implications
Invisible in the
With no mac or IP address, iBNS will remain undetectable to hackers who map out the target’s network infrastructure, enabling the iBNS to serve as last line of defense
Selective traffic redirection Attackers will be redirected to “dummy server” with fake customer-predefined data, allowing for hacker to be monitored and tracked while in the system without arousing suspicion
No architectural
No hardware or software changes to customer security architecture, saving money and time from not needing highly skilled IT personnel to modify or integrate iBNS
Protocol agnostic iBNS operates at the bit-level (lowest level of the OSI model) and is interoperable with ALL protocols, reducing development costs associated with protocol configurations
Hard real time In use cases when guaranteed real time communication is required, iBNS guarantees real time bit-level communication e.g., in high throughput banking transaction
Bit-level traffic
Real-time, in-motion data traffic inspection ensures that no threat can pass through iBNS-secured stage-gates of the network, improving level of organizational security stance
“Encryption without encryption” Withstand quantum computing brute force decryption and eliminate “weak-link” human factor that use decryption passwords, passcodes and tokens

ES secures organizations with many branches and data center from vast range of cyber security threats:

BNS’s targeted markets are Banks, Industrial facilities, Critical infrastructures, Defense organizations, Casinos, Business Tycoons, Mid-range and large organizations, data-centers, and more.

Our technological expertise is:

  • Develop & provide network security solution for time-critical and mission-critical networks.
  • Proven experience in delivering technological solutions in the most demanding and challenging communication network environments for network security arena.
  • Proven patented technologies, originally used and deployed by Israel’s leading defense-related companies and agencies.
  • Target to extend the usage of the technology to other time-critical and mission-critical markets such as telecom, banking & finance, public utilities, health-care, transportation, casinos, etc.

Data Recovery

Recovery after communication losses (no data loss even after several minutes of total link disconnection).

Traffic Priority

Traffic Prioritization and Bandwidth Management (on the strict or “best effort” basis), adjustment to the variable data link bandwidth.


Quality of Service for mission-critical data (guaranteed delivery, prioritization for unstable variable bandwidth).

Traffic Solutions

Transmission of Multicast over any Unicast device – direct traffic to external devices, transmit unicast to multiple IP destinations, convert unicast to multicast, redirect traffic selectively, based on policy, to avoid service device overload.

Load balancing

Provides load balancing with multiple options between different devices for download performance.


Multichannel real-time recording and playback for up to 10 Gb/sec combined data rate.

Old generation Cybersecurity —->

iBNS – Next generation Cybersecurity

Our core technology implemented in two different segments

A We hold a different approach to cyber-security technology. Real-time, data-Link, invisible, ‘encryption without ’


B We have vast experience in the military and avionics communication technologies.


Military networks require more complex architecture than civilian networks:

  • Unstable end-to-end connectivity between source and destination.
  • Limited bandwidth allowance per source and/or destination.
  • Strict prioritization requirements.
  • Hard real-time requirements.
  • Traffic and protocols restrictions because of special military network devices (gateways, encoders, firewalls, etc.)

Embedded Solutions ‘adapts’ civilian standards to military communication applications.

  • It allows you to adhere to strict military requirements and still be fully interoperable with existing civilian standards/protocols.

Embedded Solutions engineering is split into two specialized teams:

System Expert GroupSoftware Development Group
Requirements AnalysisDetailed Design
Top-Level DesignImplementation
Algorithms DevelopmentTesting

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