BitNetSentry (BNS) is a smart gateway based on our self-developed patented technology and is a unique network security solution for transparency, low latency, flexibility, and protocol agnostic on time-critical/mission-critical networks.

BNS device consists of a combined software and hardware technology. The core software technology that we use in all our products is the same and is a proven patented technology, originally used and deployed by Israel’s defense sector. The hardware we use is either COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) industrial grade or a tactical system that we have developed.

Unique Value Propositions:

  1. Secured tunneling according to the ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) and WBC (White Box Cryptography) standards
  2. Shielding the firewall from backdoor breaking-ins
  3. Enabling secured bi-directional communication between IT and OT networks

BNS Product line complies to the requirements of Common Criteria (CC) for Information Technology Security Evaluation according to the ISO/IEC 15408 standard, Evaluation Assurance Levels (EAL) 1-7.

BNS products themselves play the role of IT countermeasures for other products and environment.

Product usageMarket

Fraud detection and prevention
Bank – money transaction/compliance
Finance – money trading
3rd party payment platform

Critical infrastructure, SCADA and IoT network protection
Public utilities – electricity, water, gas
Airline and aviation
Cargo and freight
Specialized network solutionPolice/Law enforcement
Sensitive government departments


  • No IP address, no MAC address
  • Invisible in the network

Low latency
  • Latency is negligible, about few nano-sec
  • Very suitable for time-critical/mission-critical networks

  • Data monitoring and modification down to bit level
  • Manipulate any data context, data pattern, traffic source and/or destination addresses, data flow direction
  • Detect and prevent “outsider” and “insider” attacks

Protocol agnostic
  • Run on layer 2 (Data Link Layer)
  • Apply for any protocol and any application running on the top
  • Apply for encrypted data and non-encrypted data


Fraud detection and prevention
  • Monitor data integrity
  • Detection of abnormal data transfer
  • Detection and prevention of “outsider” and ”insider” attacks
  • Illegal network usage detection and prevention
  • Remedial actions: data drop/deletion/redirection, change data flow, SMS notification

Critical infrastructure network/SCADA protection
  • Deterministic network solution
  • Guaranteed delivery of critical data
  • Automatic link recovery
  • Transmission of multicast over any unicast device
  • Prioritization and dynamic bandwidth management
  • Allow only critical data to pass during emergency

Specialized network solutions
  • Secured private network
  • Police/law enforcement/military specialized communication network


Seamless traffic inspection
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Ensure secure data transportation

Network management and control
  • Strict or “best-effort” bandwidth management per each kind of traffic and for the entire connection

Data modification
  • Data context and data pattern
  • Traffic source and destination addresses
  • Traffic priority

Traffic redirection
  • Forward any specified traffic data to any selected destination with or without sending data to the original destination


Bit Net Sentry (BNS) is a six-in-one network security appliance

Industrial Firewall

  • Bidirectional Separation of networks on OSI level 2
  • Zero Trust Microsegmentation
  • Enables secure, convenient access to OT environments


  • AI-enabled anomaly detection
  • Zero Day attack prevention
  • SIEM integration

NG Firewall*

  • Deep Packet inspection
  • Packet adjustment/redirection
  • White/Black list filtering
  • Data / Headers filtering on OSI Level 2

Invisible to attackers   6-in-1 protection


  • ZTNA Secure Tunneling
  • White Box Cryptography
  • Insider-attacker-proof
  • Quantum-ready
  • Patented/Standard encryption
  • Passwordless

Logical Data Diode

  • Unidirectional Separation of networks on OSI level 2
  • Protocol agnostic (tested on 40+ protocols)
  • Secure remote operation
  • Bidirectional communication compliant with IEC 62443

Tactical/Airborne Firewall

  • Airborne Certification (DO 178, DO 254), SOF
  • MIL-STD 810G, MIL-STD 704, MIL-STD 461
  • Ruggedized for extreme temperatures, vibration, dust, humidity

BNS feature list per product

BNS Sectorial Usage