About Us

E.S. Embedded Solutions 3000 Ltd. (E.S.) is an innovative communication and security company based in Israel.
The company was founded in 2002 with R&D and management in Israel.
E.S develops & provides network security solutions for time-critical and mission-critical networks.

Embedded Solutions has proven experience in delivering technological solutions in the most demanding and challenging communication network environments for network security arena.
Its patented technologies are originally used and deployed by Israel’s leading defense-related companies and agencies.

Since 2019 E.S., began to expand the usage of its core technology to other time-critical and mission-critical markets such as telecom, banking & finance, public utilities, health-care, transportation, casinos, and more.
Nowadays, the company is developing, in addition to its legacy tactical, a cyber-security appliance with a different technological approach. These are a few examples (there are many more) in which E.S. cybersecurity is different:

  • E.S. BitNetSentry (BNS) appliance is seamless in the network, and there is neither a way to attack it nor to identify its existence anywhere. You can imagine how much fun our customers get with it…
  • BNS ends the ‘nightmare’ of financial organizations’ management from being hacked by their own trusted insiders, like system administrators and security protectors.
  • E.S. invented a brute force safe ‘encryption without encryption’ security method. It will shortly survive the quantum computing era.
  • BNS reveals if messages were hacked somewhere in the cloud network, for instance, if a man-in-the-middle changes the original destination address, sender address or message content somewhere in the cloud.
  • Thanks to its bit level capabilities, the BNS enables SCADA bi-directional essential communication, including blocking legal-yet-malicious commands to harm PLCs and critical infrastructures.

Patented network security technology

Time-critical & Mission-critical communication

Certified Aerospace & Aviation standards

Certified with QA standards

E.S. Embedded Solutions 3000 is active in two operation modes: standard mode for its straightforward public activity and stealth-mode for some activities that require confidentiality.

Standard mode Standard mode
The company provides time and mission-critical, airborne, and tactical systems.
Its technology deals with unstable end-to-end connectivity, strict prioritization requirements, traffic, and protocol restrictions.


Stealth mode Stealth mode
Embedded Solutions has developed the BitNetSentry (BNS). BNS is a patented data-link level cyber security device based on E.S. Military technology. This device deploys in financial, civilian, and industrial organizations. It ensures seamless bit level protection, traffic modification, and instant integration.

Embedded Solutions’ core technology is patented. Our core technology is stable, field-proof, and mature since 2002. It was originally used and deployed by Israel’s leading defense-related companies and agencies.

E.S. devices are based on its proprietary patented technology, and they are modular “deployment ready” subsystem for time-critical and/or mission-critical communication, cyber protection, and data intervention.
The products were designed to be easily and seamlessly integrated into any existing network; it may be connected to the switch, router, user computer, IoT device, a critical facility or other standard network equipment without any change in the existing network architecture and without affecting the network timing and overall performance.

Company’s products are fully managed with an extensible architecture. They are fully transparent for other network entities.