Rugged BitNetSentry (rBNS), Remote Station Basic configuration includes:

  • Up to 80 virtual channels
  • 3 years warranty at E.S. labs
  • 1 year support & SLA – NBD Israel

Rugged BitNetSentry (rBNS)

Certified with DO and Mil-Std cybersecurity appliance for


Tactical applications

Product NameRugged_BitNetSentry (rBNS)
Model Name 1rBNSremote Tactical (TAC)
Part Number 1ES3000-rBNS-TAC-01P-SNBDX-WX
Description 1rBNS, Rugged BNS for aviation and tactical applications
SW versionES00X.2.1.2x
PP (Pairs of Lan Ports)1
Max number of EP (End Points), e.g. PC, laptop, server, IoT device, supported by the BNSunlimited
Max number of VC (Virtual Channels)40 in + 40 out (Total 80)
LAN2 x GbE LAN ports
USB1x USB 2.0 (optional)
Serial2x Serial communication port, RS232 (optional)
1553MIL-SRD 1553 muxbus (optional)
HotlinkHotlink interface (optional)
Frame GrabberAnalog video (RS170) – (optional)
Number of supported endpoints Unlimited
CPUIntel core i5
Operating Conditions
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Designed to meet DO178-C, DO254-C
Shock and VibrationsCertified with MIL-STD 810-G
EMI/RFICertified with MIL-STD 461-G
Reliability100% of rBNS devices goes through ESS test procedure
Safety Of Flight (SOF) Certified with SOF test
Input Voltage16 – 28VDC input according MIL-STD-704A
Power ConsumptionUp to 80W
Operating Temperature -40°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 71°C
Relative Humidity95% (operation) @ 35°C
Altitude45,000 ft
Sealed (Ingress Protection)MIL-STD 810-F, CAT 506.4 III
FungusMIL-STD 810-F, CAT 508.5 III
Salty atmosphereMIL-STD 810-F, CAT 509.4
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)Encryption data traffic per selected channel/s according to AES 256 bit standard (optional)
MaterialMIL-STD and airborne chassis
CoolingPassive Cooling and Fanless Design
DimensionsrBNS has an expandable structure, its dimensions variables from (W,L,H) 18cm x 19cm x 12cm to 18cm x 19cm x 19.1cm
WeightBetween 6kg to 8kg depends on configuration
Warranty3 years (optional 10 years in total)
Lead Time (Max)16 weeks

Major benefit

Secured, stable and certified Ground-Airborne-Shipborne data link.

Advantage over current practice

rBNS is a commercial-off-the-shelf tactical smart security gateway with almost 20 years field proven capabilities with the Israeli forces.

rBNS Features for Aviation & Tactical application

  • 0-0-0: Zero visibility, Zero latency, Zero trust.
  • “Encryption without encryption”
  • Standard IPSEC protection.
  • 80 Virtual Channels.
  • Bit-level data and headers Filtering.
  • Bit-level transparent watermarks.
  • Drop / Allow.
  • Alerts.
  • Bandwidth control.
  • Suspicious traffic redirection.
  • Zero-day protection.
  • Migration, installation and managing hassle free.
  • Dynamic Bandwidth control.
  • Traffic prioritization.
  • Tactical Recorder.
  • Recovery after link Loss.
  • Enabling tactical traffic multicast.
  • Safe and stable data transportation over unstable link.
  • Hard real-time.