IEC 62443

What is IEC 62443?

IEC 62443 is an international standard that provides guidelines and requirements for industrial control systems (ICS) security. It defines a comprehensive framework for securing ICS networks, including protocols and technologies for communication, authentication, access control, and network management.

How BNS helps comply with the standard?

BNS (BitNetSentry) helps organizations comply with IEC 62443 by providing a secure and reliable solution for protecting ICS networks. By providing device authentication, data protection, secure communications, and reporting and auditing capabilities, BNS helps organizations to secure their ICS networks, and demonstrate compliance with IEC 62443’s security requirements.

However, it’s important to note that compliance with IEC 62443 requires a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to security that includes not only technology solutions but also policies, procedures, and staff training. Implementing BNS as part of an overall security strategy helps organizations to comply with IEC 62443, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Organizations must also implement other security measures and best practices to ensure that they fully comply with IEC 62443, and protect their ICS networks and control systems. Organizations should also consult IEC 62443 and other relevant standards and guidelines, as well as their own security experts, to determine the specific requirements and best practices that are applicable to their operations.